Krystie, 38

I reached out to Helen to help me with my low thyroid function. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the birth of my second child, but I knew my symptoms had been going on for a lot longer than that. I was tired, my hair was falling out, and I had limited patience. My cycle […]

Vicki, 51

After three enjoyable months working with Helen via zoom, my energy levels have increased back up, my brain fog is gone, I’ve lost the extra weight, I don’t have dark feelings of anxiety and I’m sleeping better.

Shane, 49

With Helen’s support, I have dramatically improved my health within a three month period. Working with Helen has been an active process of weekly sessions, me making small incremental changes to my diet and lifestyle, tracking and monitoring results.

Grace, 46

Helen provided a gentle framework to improve my health. We experimented with different foods to experience the impact on my health. I learned that taking risks with changing foods, and having systems to show how these foods impact my overall health is important.

Susy, 71

Helen was infectiously positive about how much I could improve my health through making changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Tanya, 44

I was trying to be gentle on myself, but I had hit a wall. I didn’t know what to do, how to start, or what to start on. This is where Helen came to the rescue. Together we developed a framework for me to start making gentle changes to support me. We started slowly and did all the right ground work to achieve the results I had dreamt of.

Mack, 67

I am grateful for the gift of my health, which Helen has helped me create. It really was a life changing experience for me.

Linda, 37

I always looked forward to our zoom sessions. She has so much knowledge.

Simon, 48

I’m very happy to report that Helen shifted my world for me. Within three months we significantly changed my pain and improved my life. I am so grateful I am now on the path to getting better.

Sabrina, 32

I also (with my doctor’s blessing) no longer require medications to manage my Hashimotos. I also have a new love of cooking and pride myself in cooking for myself and my family through nutritious meals.  

Jason, 44

Today I feel exceptionally good – a feeling I haven’t had for many years. I sleep like a baby, I don’t crave sugars or carbs as I used to, I exercise five days a week. I handle stress much better, my short-term memory is improving. I’ve lost all the extra weight and I am so much happier! 

Amy, 38

I recommend Helen to anyone who is going through a health challenge. I’m sure she will change your life as she has mine – by empowering you to take control of your health and to become the bravest version of you.

Jenene, 42

I offered myself up into Helen’s care and she gently took me from a curled up mess and unfurled me, helping me put my broken body back together, one piece at a time.

Cindy, 38

I have proven to myself that foods can heal; and that I do have a lot of control over my body and how it functions.

Dianne, 76

With Helen’s support, we were able to maintain a wonderful healthy regime which saw our inflammatory markers decrease, our cancers heal, and us losing 20kg of body fat each in the first 12 months!

Steve, 44

I know as anything comes along in my health journey I can lean on Helen to help me through her incredible scientific approach to healing through food and lifestyle changes. I recommend Helen to anyone wanting to achieve their peak physical health.

Antje, 46

Throughout our time together over eight months Helen has gone above and beyond in helping me. She has shown true compassion, allowing me to discuss and explore all aspects of my health and life.

Sharleen, 61

Over six months Helen has changed my life. She helped me say goodbye to my evil sugar friend and replace it with healthier food groups. Helen was invaluable in the success of my surgery.

Dale, 45

Helen has been a wonderful guide. She takes the time each session to really listen to what is going on for me, without judgement. She doesn’t dismiss any sign or symptom. She explains what might be happening in my body based on what I notice. She even clarifies my blood results in a way that makes sense.

Scottie, 50

Helen approached my story with compassion and that engineering mind of her’s, where she put together all the pieces of my puzzle. She really listened to what was going on for me and took time to understand what I wanted to achieve and the way I wanted to approach my health goals.

Tori, 29

Working with Helen was amazing and really enjoyable. Her own health journey was an inspiration to me. She was able to put together all the pieces of the puzzle to help me make changes that impacted my overall health.

Claudia, 46

I feel like I have my life back. Before I was dragging myself from meeting to meeting, propped up on caffeine and adrenaline. Now I am doing long yoga sessions, blitzing my inbox and can do my long meetings with minimal wear and tear.

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