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Overactive Immune System, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I approached Helen two years ago to help me with my health at a time where I was overwhelmed with the many diagnoses I was receiving, medications I was taking, and specialists I was seeing. I believed I could impact my own health through diet and lifestyle but I was unclear where to start and frustrated that my health seemed to be going backwards despite my efforts. 

My diagnoses included an Autoimmune condition called Ankylosing spondylitis, Reynaud’s disease, hereditary fructose malabsorption, IBS, multiple drug allergies some causing anaphylaxis, shellfish allergy, sulphite, wheat and alcohol sensitivity, hay fever, allergic asthma, frequent infections requiring antibiotics and a skin condition that left me covered in welts that multiple specialists couldn’t diagnose. I also struggled with my cycle and unexplained uterine pain and inflammation. In that first few months after approaching Helen, my specialists additionally diagnosed me with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Disease and an allergy to all nuts and peanuts .  

I was on weekly immunosuppressant injections, anti-inflammatories, medication to protect my stomach and more to keep me regular as well as multiple medications to help with pain, allergies and asthma. I had undergone multiple scans, tests and procedures to try and figure out other symptoms that didn’t ‘fit’ with my known conditions. One of these procedures found a pre-cancerous polyp and I realised that something is very wrong with my gut despite me cutting out all known irritants at that time. I was suffering with sleep disturbances due to pain and numbness in my limbs, Trigeminal neuralgia, fatigue that felt like I was walking through unset concrete with weights hanging on me, chronic muscular and skeletal pain that could get so bad that I couldn’t even do the food shop, brain fog, memory problems, severe stomach pain and bloating (I could look 6 months pregnant at  times), nausea and lack of energy. I wasn’t able to work and felt like I could be so much more for my family if I had the energy. The chronic pain and illness was very hard to bear and I started wondering if my life will ever be normal again.  

Reaching out to Helen has been the best decision I’ve made for my health. Helen has guided me to make gentle changes to my food and lifestyle choices with an initial focus of improving my gut health. Our first three-month health goals were to improve my sleep quality, energy levels and skin quality. Through assessing, recommending and tracking, Helen helped me achieve these goals and progress further to improve my health and quality of my life over the last few years. 

I enjoy my fortnightly Health Engineering sessions with Helen where we discuss my health progress and set new health challenges for the next fortnight to slowly improve my health each Health Engineering session. She has a wealth of knowledge and explains so much about “what’s going on in there” in a way that I can relate to and apply.

I have proven to myself that foods can heal; and that I do have a lot of control over my body and how it functions. As an additional bonus, I have a higher level of confidence to be more proactive with my specialists including asking more questions and communicating better with them about my overall health plan.

Helen’s approach to focus on me as an individual, and to help me work out the best foods for my body has been so healing. The changes for me over the last two years of participating in Helen’s Health Engineering Program has enabled me to significantly improve my overall health and wellbeing. Alongside a dramatic decrease in pain and most other symptoms, I have also been able to decrease a number of medications I was taking and stop other medications (in consultation with my specialists). 

Working with Helen has helped me to change my health narrative from being frustrated and scared to feeling encouraged and empowered. I now have the energy to play with my young children, do gentle exercises (at 5am in the morning!) and have a fulfilling career. Helen has not only given me the confidence and knowledge to transform my life but my family’s too as I have applied my new knowledge to their health and nutrition journey.  

I recommend Helen to anyone who has health challenges who wants to help with improving their health through diet and lifestyle changes as she will approach them with a deep level of compassion and knowledge.

Working with Helen has helped me to change my health narrative from being frustrated and scared to feeling encouraged and empowered. I now have the energy to play with my young children, do gentle exercises (at 5am in the morning!) and have a fulfilling career."

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