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Cancer is a scary word, but beating cancer feels like a gift of life. Helen has been an incredible healing coach for myself and my husband. I am a breast cancer survivor. But when I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my face last year, it felt like all my fears of the cancer coming back materializing.

Even more stressful, at the same time as my diagnosis, my husband of 60 years, Brian (82yo) was in and out of hospital from severe irritable bowel syndrome and prostate cancer which doctors said was too risky to operate on. The doctors offered us no plan for healing. We knew we needed to turn to a professional we could trust to help us turn our health around.

We had read a lot about how diets can make a big impact on cancers, but it was one thing to read about it and another to take action. At the point of asking for Helen’s help we had already made the big move to take processed sugars out of our diet, but we knew we needed to do more and wanted to follow a solid science-based approach to nutrition.

Helen was instrumental in helping us transform our health. She was able to guide us to make small, manageable changes, to teach us how to track our own progress, and how to transform each meal into a healing plate. Brian and I learned to love new foods, reinvigorated my love of growing veggies in the garden, and were empowered to support each other on our wonderful healing transformations.

With Helen’s support, we were able to maintain a wonderful healthy regime which saw our inflammatory markers decrease, our cancers heal, and us losing 20kg of body fat each in the first 12 months!

My cancer has not returned, and Brian’s prostate levels are now normal. We both are the weight we were when we met each other over 60 years ago. Brian and I now enjoy our newfound health and wellbeing. We are much more active, lively, and making plans for the future that will keep us busy for many, many years to come.

The most special part about this story is Helen is our daughter. I can’t tell you how proud we both are to have a daughter that has been able to make such an impact on our lives and so many others. I highly recommend if you have a health condition and want to work with someone who really cares and understands how to apply the science of healing through nutrition, do reach out to her. I am confident Helen will be a bright guiding light in your healing journey.

With Helen’s support, we were able to maintain a wonderful healthy regime which saw our inflammatory markers decrease, our cancers heal, and us losing 20kg of body fat each in the first 12 months!"

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