Initial Consultation

Living with chronic illness can be overwhelming and make you feel hopeless and alone.  
Do you wish you had someone knowledgeable to talk to who could walk you through all the conflicting information and find the path that’s right for you?
Using my unique Health Engineering approach, I consider your unique history, personality, lifestyle, and existing habits. Together, we will build a life-long plan built for your real life to help you heal and thrive in life again. 

There is hope! I can help you. You are not alone. 

My three fundamentals for transforming your health

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1. There are many root causes to your symptoms

Alzheimer’s researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen coined the term “36 holes in the roof” to describe chronic illness. There are many factors influencing your health conditions, and we need to address them all. There is no single pill or protocol that will help you get well. We need to find all the holes in your roof, and plug as many of them as we’re able.

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2. Bio-individuality

2. Bio-individuality

You are uniquely you. Your physiology, and your symptoms are the way they are today because of a lifetime of unique factors which are singular to you. You do not fit into a formula. You are not a statistic. You are an individual with a particular history, body, and lifestyle. You also have goals and dreams that are unique to you. We work with all of these factors to create a custom-made plan for you.

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3. We will start with
your gut health!

The health of your gut determines your overall health, and 70% of your autoimmune cells reside in the gut. Interestingly, the biggest factors that influence the health of your gut are diet and lifestyle. To improve your immunity and overall health, we will focus on ways to improve your gut health.

My Process

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STEP 1: The Initial Consultation

Health In Brief Questionnaire

After you book your Initial Consultation, I will send you my “Health in Brief” Questionnaire to fill in and return prior to your session. Your answers to the questionnaire will help me know a little more about you and your health before our session.

The Initial Consultation with Helen includes:


We will discuss how your health is today and how this impacts your quality of life, your health journey to date, and key triggers that you believe have impacted your health.


We will talk about your health goals and your “why” – what drives you to want to transform your health, and what it would mean for you and your life.


I will advise on a healing path forward including the science behind these ideas. This may include adding nutrients, crowding out certain foods and lifestyle changes to support healing.


I will introduce you to my programs, (starting with the Discovery Program), and the tools and frameworks I have developed to ensure the best outcome for you. 


I will recommend a path forward appropriate to you. I will also recommend some initial steps, to get you started along your health transformation journey.

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STEP 2: Choose your program
In my Health Engineering approach, I take into consideration your whole being to develop a nutrition and lifestyle strategy which will be unique to your needs and health. I will help you feel better, improve your energy, maximise your health potential and thrive.
At the Initial Consultation I will help you choose the best program for you!


Let’s start with a 60-minute initial consultation via Zoom video call. To book, use the booking button below to choose a time for a consultation and pay via PayPal ($275 incl GST). Once you book, I will send a confirmation email with a questionnaire to you.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or if you’re looking for an alternative booking time.

To reschedule your Initial Consultation, a minimum of 48-hours notice is required. For cancellations up to 48-hours prior to your consultation, a full refund less $50 admin fee will be given.

Disclaimer: Cross Ventures Limited does not provide medical advice. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any diet, supplementation or exercise program. Statements and opinions contained on Cross Ventures Limited’s Health Engineer website and other related sources (Blog and social media platforms) are provided as self-help tools only. Cross Ventures Limited’s cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of the information to your unique circumstance.