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Stroke, Acid Reflux/Indigestion

Three years ago I had a brain haemorrhage resulting in a long slow recovery. Prior to my stroke, I thought I was in the best health I had ever been.

But after, I couldn’t seem to get myself back to health – mentally or physically. I couldn’t find the energy or the discipline to get back into shape again.  

My brain haemorrhage happened out of the blue, while I was driving south. I don’t actually recall what happened, because I had amnesia for two weeks after the stroke. I was conscious, but I have no memory of that time. From what I understand, I had parked my vehicle on the side of the road in Taupo and sat in the car for 15 hours before someone noticed and called the police. The police found me conscious in the vehicle, but were unable to understand what I was saying and took me to hospital. Doctors thought I may have meningitis.Tests proved I had had a stroke. I had a head full of blood. The blood was in the right frontal lobe but too deep to operate. I had to heal naturally.

Recovering from my stroke is a very slow process. I went back to work as early as I could, but I still did not feel myself. In retrospect, I may have gone back to work too quickly. I was still living with head pain, suffering with bouts of anxiety, and was having short-term memory issues, where I may not remember the first phone call of the day or recall details of conversations.

When I met Helen, 2.5 years after my stroke, my recovery wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I was still suffering with the same symptoms. My health felt like a four out of ten. I wasn’t exercising regularly, my diet was far from ideal. My sleep was rubbish. I craved sugars and carbs. My acid reflux was terrible and I was on Emporozol for my indigestion. I was overweight, having gained 10kg. I felt I wanted guidance from someone who could help me.

Helen and her Health Engineering program have been incredibly helpful in getting my health back on track. Every week we have added in more foods, nutrients, activities and challenges to move the dial on my health. I’ve noticed the difference with every step.  

I’m now eating higher quality foods, I intermittently fast most days. I have been taking supplements Helen has recommended to support brain health. I am doing brain exercises such as listening to audio books and meditation as part of my healing.

Today I feel exceptionally good – a feeling I haven’t had for many years. I sleep like a baby, I don’t crave sugars or carbs as I used to, I exercise five days a week. I handle stress much better, my short-term memory is improving. I’ve lost all the extra weight and I am so much happier!  

Another special outcome from my Health Engineering journey with Helen is I have also created a ripple effect within my family. They have been so impressed with my results, they have made changes to their own diets.

I now realise I can recover from the long-term effects from my stroke. Today I feel like I am healing my brain and healing my body with the knowledge I’m receiving. I’m in my second Health Engineering program with Helen, called “Designer Life”. I’m excited about how much further I will progress in my healing journey.

Another special outcome from my Health Engineering journey with Helen is I have also created a ripple effect within my family. They have been so impressed with my results, they have made changes to their own diets."

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