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Enrolling in Helen’s Health Engineering Discovery Program is one of the most impactful actions I have ever taken for my health. My partner’s results with Helen inspired me to enrol, and I was so impressed, I subsequently enrolled my teenage daughter to also work with Helen.

I came to Helen feeling really average for the first time in my life – no strength, no stamina and really tired without any clear reason. A year earlier, I was competing in multi-day mountain bike races. But at the time I approached Helen I didn’t have the energy to do any exercise at all. 

I knew something was wrong and I knew my diet and lifestyle could be potential contributors. I wanted to improve my health but in a way that was more gentle than I was used to being with myself.

Helen approached my story with compassion and that engineering mind of her’s, where she put together all the pieces of my puzzle. She really listened to what was going on for me and took time to understand what I wanted to achieve and the way I wanted to approach my health goals. She shared the science of what might be happening in a way that really resonated with me. 

She helped me design a new diet plan that was enjoyable and easy to follow. We focused on low inflammation, improved mental ability and to get me back to my optimal athletic fitness. She also helped me incorporate new lifestyle changes to prioritize sleep and bring back a gentle exercise routine in a way that suited my busy business and family life.

Within a few months I have made incredible improvements in my life. I now eat completely differently, have cut out the sugar and gluten (and don’t miss it!). I sleep so much better, and I’m exercising every day, and nearly back to my ideal body composition. I feel like I am back and 10 years younger.

I am enjoying continuing the journey with Helen as we progress through her advanced programs.

Within a few months I have made incredible improvements in my life. I now eat completely differently, have cut out the sugar and gluten (and don't miss it!"

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