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Sugar Cravings, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Constipation

I brought in Helen as my health coach in the midst of the first Covid lockdown with a shopping list full of health concerns.

I was struggling with my weight, addicted to sugar, high blood pressure (which I had been on medication for a year), insomnia (which had been plaguing me for over a decade and which I had tried everything for) osteoarthritis in most joints, but especially my knee, recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) and chronic constipation. The scariest symptom was tingling in my extremities. I was also booked for knee replacement surgery a few months into working with Helen.

Over six months Helen has changed my life. She helped me say goodbye to my evil sugar friend and replace it with healthier food groups. Helen was invaluable in the success of my surgery. Helen provided clear recommendations to help me prepare for, go through and recover from my knee replacement surgery that really helped me bounce back!

I really enjoy Helen’s structured approach to her Health Engineering program including the Weekly Challenges and HIT List. I love setting myself three challenges each week. I then work on my challenges during the week and come back to her the following week with an assessment of how I went and what my learnings were. Her folders are absolutely beautiful and packed with information and forms for me to assess my progress and plan next challenges. Her systems have helped me develop routines and kept me moving forward each week (especially during my surgery recovery).

Today I no longer suffer with UTIs or stomach pain. My chronic constipation is now a thing of the past. I don’t miss sugar, and occasionally can have a treat without guilt. My tingling in my extremities has gone and I have lost over 10kg. My surgeon is impressed with how well and fast I have healed. I think the biggest difference is I sleep so much better. All of this has enabled me to feel so happy and energetic. I’ve now got a new lease in life along with my new knee!

My recommendation is don’t wait for a diagnosis. Don’t wait until after surgery. Take your shopping list full of concerns and symptoms and have a consultation with Helen. She will meet you where you are and take you on a health journey like no other. You may just find exactly what you are looking for with her as your health partner – as I did!

Helens systems have helped me develop routines and kept me moving forward each week (especially during my surgery recovery)."

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