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Extreme brain fog, High blood pressure

I’ve come out of the fog and ready to ride my Harley again!

When I was 13 years old, my dad had a heart attack in front of my brother and I. My dad was only 36 with no known heart issues. My brother and I tried to resuscitate him using CPR while we awaited the ambulance, but he never woke up. This devastating event shaped me to be fearful of doctors and concerned for my heart health throughout my life.

I came to see Helen as I had heard of the wonderful work she was doing with friends. I was struggling with extreme brain fog which made me feel like I had to push past it every day to exercise, work or play with my grandson. I was also annoyed to be tied to so much medication for my high blood pressure. I was starting to get more and more concerned about my own heart and my lack of energy. I wanted to make some changes, but I didn’t know where to start.

Helen was infectiously positive about how much I could improve my health through making changes to my diet and lifestyle. We started with breakfast and my morning routines and slowly changed many aspects of my life. She taught me how to plan meals through looking at the plate rather than counting calories. I was inspired to create “Perfect Plate” meals every day. We slowly crowded out the foods that were inflaming me (such as sugar and gluten) and replaced them with delicious, nutritious alternatives. Her Green Smoothie recipe is one of my favourites.

Every day I tracked my own progress through a number of measurements including blood pressure and glucose. This enabled me to see the progress I was making each week. 

One of the big highlights was me being able to show my tracking results to my family doctor, enabling her to decrease my medications. Helen also took the time to explain my blood test results to me. For the first time in my life, I have found myself empowered to manage my own health.

I now have the energy to garden, to play with my grandson and ride my Harley Davidson. My brain fog has gone. Through my friends and family seeing the positive changes in my health, I’ve inspired them to make their own changes. I would happily recommend Helen to anyone who wants to transform their health.

Helen was infectiously positive about how much I could improve my health through making changes to my diet and lifestyle."

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