Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & The Wahls Protocol®

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & The Wahls Protocol®

I am NZ’s first Wahls Protocol® Certified Health Practitioner

I have been trained personally by Dr. Wahls on how to support clients in implementing her protocol. I became New Zealand’s first Wahls Certified Health Professional in February 2019 to understand more about the science behind the protocol, to learn how to best help others implement Dr. Wahls protocol. 

If you are interested in implementing the Protocol® I can help you work out which level Wahls Protocol® best suits you and your circumstances and help you you make diet and lifestyle changes.

The Wahls Protocol® is a dietary and lifestyle protocol developed by Dr. Terry Wahls to help people improve their autoimmune conditions. Dr. Wahls originally developed the protocol while successfully reversing her own multiple sclerosis, and since then has been shown to reduce the onset and development of many autoimmune diseases.

The Wahls Protocol® combines the latest science with the all-important factors of nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle to empower you with real solutions. It is a testament to Hippocrates statement ‘Let food be thy medicine’.

The Wahls Protocol® focuses on the importance of a nutrient-dense diet for our cellular health. The three levels of The Wahls Protocol® provide a clear plan—including both feasible nutrition and lifestyle changes—to help you on your road to recovery.

I can help you make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle

Through my knowledge and experience, I can support you through every step such as: 

  • Show you how to incorporate the nine cups of vegetables per day
  • How to incorporate Wahls Protocol® for the whole family
  • Help you design beautiful, tasty meals based on your preferences
  • Helping you crowd-out foods that are not Wahls protocol-friendly such as sugar, gluten, dairy and eggs
  • Navigate the grocery store to stay within the protocol and within your budget 
  • Recommend ways to plan and cook meals that suit you energy levels and abilities 
  • Tips and tricks for eating out or traveling on the protocol 
  • Manage cravings for foods that are not “Wahls protocol-friendly”
  • Develop lifestyle habits that will also help to manage symptoms
  • Recommend natural remedies to support detox
  • Help you with what to say to others to enable them to support you in your journey

I enjoy helping clients with their healthy life changes and seeing the amazing benefits to their life.

The Wahls Protocol® may be a life changer for you

Having an autoimmune disease means our immune system is out of balance. To improve an immune system requires an integrative approach, focusing on the whole person. I want you to know you can improve your health and feel great again, and I as your coach can help you along every step of your journey.

Like many others, I have found implementing concepts of the Wahls Protocol® a life changer for improving autoimmune conditions. Especially the recommendations around vegetable intake and addition of healing broths, prebiotic and probiotic foods.

I know from my own experience that changing nutrition and lifestyles can be a challenging process, especially when managing the pain, tiredness, inflammation, brain fog and other debilitating symptoms that often accompanies an autoimmune condition.

The concept of working out what to eat each meal, where to source ingredients, how to know if a food is in the protocol, how much you should eat, when to eat, and how to explain it all to others can be overwhelming. This alongside working out other lifestyle factors that could be impacting your health.

This is why I have studied the Wahls Protocol® directly with Dr. Terry Wahls and become a Certified Wahls Protocol®  Health Professional, to help you with your journey and make the transition easier for you.

My formal education in engineering, business and health experiences, combined with years of studying health with some of the most respected functional medicine practitioners have enabled me to become who I am today, the Health Engineer. I am ready to help you improve your health.

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