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Grave’s Disease

I came to Helen for help as I felt ‘blah’ regardless of what I did. My energy levels were all over the place. I was sure I was in perimenopause. I also suffered from brain fog and it felt so debilitating it created a lot of anxiety for me. I would often avoid people as I was embarrassed I couldn’t recall their names. Also my job was suffering. Some days I couldn’t remember the technical words associated with my role. I also wasn’t motivated at work like I used to be.

When I talked to my doctor about how I was feeling, his only recommendation was to put me on antidepressants. But I knew I was not depressed! I was just not up to scratch.

I had previously been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) in specific Grave’s Disease (an autoimmune hyperthyroid condition). I was wondering whether my thyroid was linked to how I was feeling.

I have been fit and healthy most of my life. In fact, I used to be a NZ gymnast many moons ago and was also an aerobics instructor for some time, but felt like my health wasn’t there. I was unable to shift the 10kg of weight I had gained since having my two children (now both teenagers). My weight was escalating and my energy levels were dropping through the floor. It was frustrating. In previous years, I didn’t have the time to exercise between raising the children and working full time. But more recently, although I had more time, I didn’t have the energy to exercise more. Plus if I did exercise, I just felt terribly tired afterwards.

I used to enjoy riding, walking and working, but I didn’t have the energy to consider doing all these things and still have enough energy left over to spend with my husband and children.

My goals in working with Helen were to decrease my brain fog, gain my energy back, bring my weight down and sleep better. My overall health vision was to feel better and become fully engaged in life again. 

I’ve had a fabulous journey with Helen through her Discovery Program. I’ve discovered a lot about myself along the way. I achieved with her in three months, what I had not been able to achieve by myself. 

I have learned the importance of staying hydrated during the day. I now realise the importance of regular food timing for meals. I have a great new morning routine where I start my day with a juice or smoothie. I make lovely healthy meals. I’ve brought in a number of supplements to support my overall nutrient requirements.

One of the biggest changes is my focus on self care. Self care used to be limited to taking off my make-up. But now I do a lot more. I have introduced more movement into my life including walking, exercises, treadmill and rebounder, and now have this front of mind as a priority in my day. I’ve learned to take the time for myself, and I’ve noticed how the whole family has been impacted from this. I now have the energy and brain power to really focus on supporting my family.

After three enjoyable months working with Helen via zoom, my energy levels have increased back up, my brain fog is gone, I’ve lost the extra weight, I don’t have dark feelings of anxiety and I’m sleeping better. I now know that you don’t have to get fat just because you are heading towards menopause. 

I’ve learned how important my routines are to support my health. I’ve also learned that food and nutrition can heal myself and my family. I have a big toolbox full of wonderful ways I can look after myself.

Helen describes her Discovery Health Engineering program as the Forever Plan, because there is no going back. I understand this now. I am where I want to be and know how to continue to grow and improve even further from here. There is no going back!

If you are also struggling with getting your health back on track, I recommend you reach out to Helen. I’m sure she will take you from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’, as she did for me.

After three enjoyable months working with Helen via zoom, my energy levels have increased back up, my brain fog is gone, I’ve lost the extra weight, I don’t have dark feelings of anxiety and I’m sleeping better."

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