Three-month One-On-One Coaching Program
Provided by Helen Cross via zoom
in partnership with NIB Health Insurance

Welcome to the Women's Wellness Program, exclusively for eligible nib Health Insurance members.

The Women’s Wellness Program is designed to help people suffering from ongoing women’s health issues improve their health through diet and lifestyle changes.
The Women’s Wellness Program is a fully funded three-month, one-on-one wellness coaching program with Helen Cross, provided over Zoom.
The program includes an Initial Consultation followed by six fortnightly 45-minute Health Engineering sessions with me along with a work folder full of information, weekly recommendations and trackers to support your health journey.
I am proud to have partnered with nib Health Insurance to provide this one-on-one coaching program to change the dial on your health.
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  • I offer all clients a gentle process of coaching diet and lifestyle changes to support healing.

  • I specialise in taking into consideration your own “bioindividuality” to develop a nutrition and lifestyle strategy which will be unique to your needs and health conditions.

  • I can help you achieve your optimal weight, decrease your brain fog and improve your energy levels.

  • My tools and frameworks are specially designed to meet you where you are in your health journey and to help move you forward with sustainable improvements towards better health.

  • My Health Engineering programs are based on the latest science and teachings from the most well respected functional medicine practitioners and nutritionists, alongside proven coaching tools.

  • My clients range from people with chronic illness and autoimmune conditions, through to people who are having severe issues with energy levels, brain fog, headaches, blood sugar and hormone balance.

  • My unique Health Engineering approach enables me to think outside the square of conventional “one size fits all” health programs and create an impactful healing program for you.

  • My services are complementary to medical providers. I do not diagnose or recommend medical treatments. But rather I will help you adhere to your medical advice and treatment plans alongside diet and lifestyle changes.
"Your pain is NOT normal!"

About Helen


Masters of Science in Health Coaching, Doctorate in Engineering
I am passionate about helping people transform their health by transforming their diet and lifestyle.
I have lived through my own health healing journey where I underwent five surgeries for endometriosis and adenomyosis, including a hysterectomy. My gynecologist predicted I would need surgery every 12-18 months for the rest of my life. Due to making changes to my diet and lifestyle, I have improved my health greatly. I have had no endometriosis surgeries for the last 15 years and no endo pain for the last five years.
I am a Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner and also hold a Masters of Science in Health Coaching, Doctorate in Engineering, and have completed an extensive number of advanced courses in transforming health from leading functional nutritionists, functional medicine doctors and wellness coaching specialists in North America.
I am New Zealand’s first Wahls Certified Health Practitioner. (having completed specialist training in healing diets for autoimmune conditions).

The Women's Wellness Program

Three-month program

Six fortnightly sessions with me

Sessions 45 minutes long over Zoom

Folder full of information including weekly tracking for 12 weeks

Focus on bio-individual diet and lifestyle changes to help you heal

Support via email outside sessions

Fully funded by nib Health Insurance for eligible members.

The HELP-Endo Program is designed to help you:

  • Introduce healing foods
  • Boost your brain health
  • Increase energy
  • Improve your sleep
  • Tailor your diet to your bodies needs
  • Better nourish yourself


The Health Engineering approach

From the comfort of your own home, I will take you step-by-step through diet and lifestyle changes to help you improve your health. The HELP-Endo Program is based on the latest science research and has been designed to help you naturally address your symptoms of endometriosis.

I'm here to help you!

Living with chronic illness can be overwhelming and make you feel hopeless and alone.  
Do you wish you had someone knowledgeable to talk to who could walk you through all the conflicting information and find the path that’s right for you?
Using my unique Health Engineering approach, I consider your unique history, personality, lifestyle, and existing habits. Together, we will build a life-long plan built for your real life to help you heal and thrive in life again. 

There is hope! I can help you. You are not alone. 

My three fundamentals for transforming your health

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1. There are many root causes to your symptoms

Alzheimer’s researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen coined the term “36 holes in the roof” to describe chronic illness. There are many factors influencing your health conditions, and we need to address them all. There is no single pill or protocol that will help you get well. We need to find all the holes in your roof, and plug as many of them as we’re able.

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2. Bio-individuality

2. Bio-individuality

You are uniquely you. Your physiology, and your symptoms are the way they are today because of a lifetime of unique factors which are singular to you. You do not fit into a formula. You are not a statistic. You are an individual with a particular history, body, and lifestyle. You also have goals and dreams that are unique to you. We work with all of these factors to create a custom-made plan for you.

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3. We will start with
your gut health!

The health of your gut determines your overall health, and 70% of your autoimmune cells reside in the gut. Interestingly, the biggest factors that influence the health of your gut are diet and lifestyle. To improve your immunity and overall health, we will focus on ways to improve your gut health.

Good things are going to happen!

All clients start with a 45-minute Initial Consultation with Helen over Zoom.

Any questions please email Cindy at
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Endometriosis is a disease where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, causing pain and/or infertility. It is a chronic disease associated with severe, life-impacting pain during periods, sexual intercourse, bowel movements and/or urination, chronic pelvic pain, abdominal bloating, nausea, fatigue, and sometimes depression, anxiety, and infertility.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) endometriosis affects roughly 10% (190 million) of reproductive age women and girls globally.

The variable and broad symptoms of endometriosis mean that health professionals do not easily diagnose it and many individuals suffering from it have limited awareness of the condition. This can cause a lengthy delay between onset of symptoms and diagnosis. At present, there is no known cure for endometriosis, and treatment is usually aimed at controlling symptoms.

There is so much we can do to improve endometriosis symptoms through diet and lifestyle, and I will show you how.


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The program INCLUDES

The HELP-Endo Program is a group coaching program, with weekly live stream sessions with me along with a work folder full of information to support your journey.

You will learn about how your hormones, blood sugar balance, gut health, immune function and brain function all interlink to impact your endometriosis and overall health.

All group live stream sessions will be 90-minutes long. Prior to the program starting, you will be sent your folder full of information, which will become your guide and journal for the program.

  • Five 90-minute group live stream coaching sessions with me (recordings available)
  • Your own work folder full of information, weekly recommendations and trackers
  • Personalised recommendations to help you manage symptoms and promote healing through diet and lifestyle changes
  • Optional supplement recommendations plus exclusive access to practitioner only supplements
  • Tracking tools to help you monitor the impact of changes
  • Educational and inspirational resources
  • Email support

Sessions Overview

I will be hosting weekly 90-minute group live stream sessions on Saturdays from 2pm to 3:30pm. Recordings for all sessions will be made available.

The health of your gut determines your overall health, and can have a big impact on your endometriosis. Interestingly, the biggest factors that influence the health of your gut are your diet and lifestyle. We will discuss leaky gut and the health of your microbiome (bacteria that reside in your colon).  We will look at ways to improve your endometriosis symptoms by improving your gut health. 

We’ll gently move into learning about the importance of removing the major inflammatory foods from the diet and the impact of balancing blood sugar — the foundation of hormone balance! You’ll learn exactly what to do, and why! We will also discuss your body’s hormonal system, demonstrating how to support your body working for you, and discussing how to get your hormones into balance.

Your endometriosis symptoms are also related to the health of your immune system. In endometriosis, when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, your immune system becomes the first line of defence. I will give you a bird’s eye view of what the immune system looks like and who are all the players, plus how your immune system plays a role in your endometriosis symptoms. You will gain a better understanding of “what’s going on in there”. We will also discuss the real heroes for our immune system and fabulous treatments for supporting our immune health.

Your brain is the driver of your body. Supporting your brain health can be very helpful for improving endometriosis systems. You will learn about how your stressors, your sleep, and your mindset can all impact your symptoms. I will teach you the latest science on which nutrition and lifestyle changes can positively impact your brain. Although science still has a long way to go to understand the full complexities of the brain, what we know today is immensely helpful for us to improve brain health through diet and lifestyle.

Our final session together will be a time to reflect on our learnings and the impact the HELP-Endo Program has had on us. We will also look at ways to support you as you take your next steps on your healing and wellness journey.


Let’s start with a 60-minute initial consultation via Zoom video call. To book, use the booking button below to choose a time for a consultation and pay via PayPal ($275 incl GST). Once you book, I will send a confirmation email with a questionnaire to you.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or if you’re looking for an alternative booking time.

To reschedule your Initial Consultation, a minimum of 48-hours notice is required. For cancellations up to 48-hours prior to your consultation, a full refund less $50 admin fee will be given.

Disclaimer: Cross Ventures Limited does not provide medical advice. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any diet, supplementation or exercise program. Statements and opinions contained on Cross Ventures Limited’s Health Engineer website and other related sources (Blog and social media platforms) are provided as self-help tools only. Cross Ventures Limited’s cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of the information to your unique circumstance.