Workplace Wellbeing

Elevate your next business event or workplace gathering by booking me to inspire your team and unlock their health potential.

My background in strategic planning, entrepreneurship, and insights into nutrition, stress and biochemistry will benefit your entire team.

Ready to elevate your team's well-being? Discover the transformative power of my wellness initiatives today!

Imagine a workplace where your employees are not just present, but fully engaged and thriving. At The Health Engineer, I make this vision a reality by offering comprehensive wellness programs tailored to your company’s unique needs. With my expertise in health and wellness and a proven track record, my programs are designed to foster a healthier, more productive work environment. 

When your employees feel their best, they perform their best. Investing in employee wellness is not just a benefit—it’s a strategic advantage. My approach integrates nutrition, quality sleep, daily movement, and stress management to create a balanced and vibrant workplace. By partnering with me, your company can reduce absenteeism, boost morale, and enhance overall productivity.

Organisations I have Worked WITH

My approachable, evidence-based insights is sought-after for inspiring health-promoting action. My workplace solutions are designed to help your team:

Focus Better

Sleep Better

Increase Energy

Optimise Nutrition

Decrease Stress

"Helen presented at the 2022 Careers Evening that targets Form 5 – 7 students (15 – 18 year olds) from Auckland Grammar School and St Cuthberts College. Her presentation provided an insight into educational opportunities, flexibility with career pathways and reminding ourselves to follow an area or areas of interest and/or passion. Helen’s career pathway is a fine example of someone who has been prepared to follow areas of passion, in particular, engineering and personal well-being through nutrition – to ultimately become – the health engineer. In an era when long tenure in a single position or occupation is not considered mainstream, Helen’s story is relevant and an exemplar for those preparing to leave school, about what is ahead of them, should they follow their passion/s."

My corporate wellness programs, workshops, and educational presentations are tailored to organisations of all sizes, to make health and wellness understandable and easy to incorporate into daily lives.


Event speaking

Looking to inspire your audience and promote well-being at your next event? I offer engaging and insightful presentations that captivate audiences. With my expertise in holistic health, I bring practical tips and motivation to help organisations thrive.

Perfect for corporate events and workplace seminars, my engaging presentations will inspire and motivate your audience and teams towards a healthier lifestyle with a speaker who makes wellness accessible and actionable.


Wellness Workshops

My wellness workshops will inspire and empower your team to bring back their body’s balance and improve their overall health. To support their journey they will also receive handouts, recommeomendations, tips and tools. 

Participants will learn how to best take care of their minds and bodies. My aim is to empower participants to improve their health through science-backed diet and lifestyle recommendations to reach their full health potential.

Example topics include:

  • From gut health to brain health and beyond
  • Boosting your immune system and calming stress
  • Discover how your body works and how it heals
  • The power of food: the future of healthcare


Corporate Wellness Program

Introducing the Health Engineer Corporate Programs, designed to inspire and empower your team to impact their physical and mental wellbeing with sustainable diet and lifestyle choices.
My four-week group coaching program for businesses, including weekly 45-minute Health Engineering sessions with me along with a work folder full of information, weekly recommendations and trackers to support each individual’s health journey. 
Weekly recordings on course material will be made available prior to each session, encouraging interaction and discussion during session times.
This program will teach participants how their body functions and how to reduce stress, eat for their own needs, sleep better and thrive in life.

Is your team ready to move their wellness to the next level? ​

Once you complete this enquiry form, my Client Success Manager, Cindy, will provide a 10-minute Discovery Call to answer any questions you have about my programs and plan the next steps with you.

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